Malgorzata Marta Zych


Miss MM Zych


Emotional sensation you can not rewind. Shadow of a colour you can't reawaken. Shape of a dust seen only for a moment and never to be seen again, not even when looking closer. To make possible to interfere with the space you can never go back to. There is no impossible.


BA Wroclaw college of Art and Design

Participated in numerous of courses and workshops at St Martins School of Art

Practiced at Clockwork Studios, Brixton, with Jonathan Hunt with leading light & stained glass

Produced numerous of abstract commission works for bespoke interior design 

Participated in group exhibitions in Poland

Virtual group exhibition, 7th May 2020, CONTAMINATED hosted by Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy & Institute for Digital Humanities

Virtual group exhibition, June 2020. Home: https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/946379/home 

Roy’s Peoples Art Fair, October 2020,London