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This is my journey. 
Exploring the possibilities, repeating, redirecting, destroying and trying again, breaking obvious choices, covering with another layer, scrubbing, removing paint, starting all over again.
What fascinates me the most is fluidity of an idea, letting it merge into physical image, shape into form. There are no limits to a subject. The canvas is my playground for stretching boundaries. But the traces of human presence are always there. In a state of flux. In conversation with its surroundings. In dialog with itself. Chaotic mess with a sense of meaning.
I tell stories from my mind, which wonders, jumps from idea to idea. As a human being and the artist I constantly question absolutely everything. In search of knowledge through self examination and distrust in authority. As Francis Bacon said: "I think of life as meaningless and yet it excites me". 
My artistic language is developing, as my technical skills, driven by hunger for exploration.
There is no rule or structure for developing an idea.
I am not looking for representation of reality in my work.
I rather search for a balance of colour, light and texture. A moment within its natural rhythm.

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